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Solar Yacht | ® OFFICIAL SILENT-YACHTS | Electric Yachts

Silent Yacht’s are a new era of technologically advanced electric yachts. They are innovative, self-sustainable and do not sacrifice luxury.  Their yachts have unlimited range, even when the sun is not shining.  Two, ultra-quiet motors constantly provide propulsion while the sun simultaneously charges their “Tesla inspired” battery system that is equivalent to at least 3 Tesla Model S sedans.  Their capacity provides ample energy for propulsion as well as all household appliances including the air conditioning, ice-machine, water-maker, or laptops (230 VAC / 110 VAC).

There is no need to search for a marina to charge the batteries, get ice, refuel or to fill the water tanks. A SILENT-YACHT can virtually cruise for weeks without fuel or the need to start the generator.

Silent Yacht feature luxury, sustainability, safety, and reliability; solar panels, energy efficiency and can cruise for up to 100 miles a day without fuel (in ideal weather conditions.)

Silent 60 Electric Yacht | The Iconic Original – Reinvented | SILENT 60 (

Silent 62 Open Deck The New SILENT 62 3-DECK Open – SILENT-YACHTS

Silent 62 Closed Deck The New SILENT 62 3-DECK Closed – SILENT-YACHTS

Silent 80 Solar Yachts | Luxury Solar Powered Yachts | SILENT 80 (