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Dufour New Boat Models

The Ultimate Sailing Pleasure

Michel Dufour, an engineer and sailing enthusiast from La Rochelle, decided to set up his own shipyard back in 1964. Specialising in the design and sale of French yachts for over 50 years, Dufour Yachts has established a reputation as a leading company in its field.
This success is down to two beliefs. Michel Dufour has always been convinced that sailing would move with the times due to the advent of new technologies and innovative materials, and also firmly believes that sailing will continue to embody a pioneering and adventurous spirit. He is determined to take sailing pleasure to new heights.


The Dufour Yachts’ Design Office works very closely with Umberto Felci, one of the leading naval architects in the world, to design hulls of exceptional quality. The result of this collaboration are yachts that are greatly coveted by sailors worldwide for their elegance, performance and comfort.

The design of Dufour Yachts’ sailboats is characterised by well-balanced hull shapes, strong aft sections, reduced wetted surface areas and appendages for cruising. This unique design sets Dufour yachts apart from other brands and holds an instant attraction for sailing enthusiasts.


100% manufactured in France, all Dufour Yachts’ sailing yachts are conceived, designed and produced at the company’s headquarters in La Rochelle. Producing around 400 models a year, Dufour Yachts manages its entire production line, from planning through to the end product, and including assembly and joinery.

Dufour Yachts selects only the highest quality materials and applies its unique professional expertise to guarantee sailing yachts of an unrivalled quality. The company is noted in particular for its use of painstaking methods and approaches including lamination by hand, meticulous assembly, refined joinery and detailed controls.