Free PPCDL Course for the buyer of any new boat or used boat over SGD $100,000

Premium Nautical include a free PPCDL Course with the purchase of any new boat or any used boat where the final purchase price is over SGD $100,000.

The rules are simple, just give us a copy of the course and exam receipts within 3 months of buying the boat from us and Premium Nautical will refund the cost of the PPCDL course, including one theory exam and one practical exam.

For those who are new to Singapore, the PPCDL (Private Pleasure Craft Drivers Licence) is the drivers licence required to operate any motorised pleasure craft in Singapore waters. This even includes small boats such as jet ski’s and any small sail boat that has an outboard motor attached for getting in and out of the marina. The course includes theory lessons covering areas like navigation, rules of the road, buoy markings, identifying vessels at night and general safety. The practical lessons included learning to drive a simple power boat and drills like docking and what to do in a “man overboard” situation.  There is a theory test and a practical test which need to be taken after the course is completed.  The course and exams are not particularly difficult, but it does pay to do some study (especially for people new to boating).


The free course is for the person who buys the boat or one of their direct family members.

Any extra refresher lessons you decide to take will be at your own cost.

If you fail an exam, any repeat exams will be at your own cost.

The purchase of the boat or yacht must complete for this offer to be valid.